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my sports blog

Gaelic football blog 

welcome to the blog

this blog shares the fun in Gaelic and some tips and tricks 

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 Gaelic blog 

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the Gaelic blog

Hosted by Chloe

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positions in a game 

goalkeeper: the goalkeeper is the person who prevents the ball getting into the goals or above.


backs: to defend against the attackers and stop the ball from getting near the goal


midfield: to get possession of the ball from the kick out and bring the ball up the pitch .


forwards: the main goal of a forward is to put the scores in to goals or over them.

is playing Gaelic good ? 

playing Gaelic requires you to run, jump and sprint for the ball during a game, so you have to train for that game and training will help improve your fitness and can also help with your mental health.

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is playing Gaelic fun? 

playing Gaelic is really fun as you are able to make new friends with your teammates, Playing games can be fun and nerve racking, but its all worth it if your team wins.

A Passion for Sports

Welcome to the Gaelic blog , a vibrant online community dedicated to all things sports. Our mission is to inspire young individuals to lead active and healthy lifestyles through the love of sports. With a focus on Gaelic football, we aim to provide valuable insights, tips, and resources to help you excel in your sporting journey. Whether you're a beginner looking to learn more about the game or a seasoned athlete seeking new challenges, our blog is the perfect platform for you. 

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